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Eurasian Social Science Association (Yerevan, Armenia)
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ISSN 1829-4863

The main purpose of the Eurasian Academic Research Journal is a global popularization of scientific works of scientists working in the post-Soviet countries.

One of the directions of development of scientific ideas is the inclusion of the Eurasian Academic Research Journal to the international databases Scopus and Web of Science in future. Therefore the requirements to the publication have certain characteristics.

Scientific articles submitted to the editors of the journal undergo a review procedure (with the anonymity of the reviewer’s identity). Submitted articles are reviewed by a reviewer within 3 weeks. The reviewer reserves the right to reject an article that does not meet the established requirements or the subject of publication. An article not recommended by the reviewer for publication is not accepted for re-consideration. The editorial board of the journal believes that the ethical aspects of publication are an important part of the editorial work and are responsible for observing ethical standards when publishing articles based on the Code of Academic Integrity.

Scientific publications Eurasian Academic Research Journal focused on solving problems in the areas of:
– Law;
– Economy;
– Public Administration

Languages of publications: Ukrainian, Armenian, English and Russian.

Frequency output – at least once a month.

All authors will obtain an electronic copy of the journal.

In addition, we inform that the journal will be distributed free on the Internet in the public domain All authors give agreement on its free publication on the Internet.

For publication such following materials should be sent:
1) An article, designed in accordance with the requirements (requirements here);
2) Information about the author;
3) Permission for publishing, signed by the author (photos or scanned copy);
4) Author’s photo, which will be placed in the journal;
5) A copy of the payment receipt.

All materials should be sent by e-mail

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PhD, Associate Professor                   Stefanchuk Mykola